You ever feel like a cheat day?

healthy weight loss

You ever feel like a cheat day?

Today it felt like a cheat day for me.

While some weight loss gurus really forbid the cheat
day, I think it can help people stay on track.  It is
something to look forward to.

You have to be smart about it though.   You don’t want
a cheat day every week.  I would say every month is
OK and I personally hold off for every 3 months.

You also can’t go totally crazy.  I won’t sit around and eat
a load of junk food on a cheat day.  I will still stay active
and I will limit myself to one or two of my favorite treats.

I also plan cheat days to land on holidays if possible.  This
helps me avoid sneaking in an extra cheat day because
“it’s a holiday!”.

Lastly, make sure you don’t extend a cheat day into a
cheat week!  A wayward cheat day has lead to the demise
of many a diet.